Frequently Asked Questions

3235 Main St, Becket, MA 01223

No. You can pick up, shop in-store, and place orders online.

We are open everyday from 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

We accept cash transactions, and debit cards with a $3.50 service fee. 

Any government issued ID that is NOT expired that has a birthdate, expiration date and a photo.

No, you only need a government-issued ID showing that you are 21+ years of age to legally purchase adult use cannabis from our dispensary.

Up to 28 grams (one ounce) of cannabis products—up to 5 grams of which may be concentrates or up to 500mg of which may be edible products—may be purchased at one time by adults 21+ years of age with a valid form of government ID.


Yes. Our online menu will make it easy to check our daily menu and reserve products that will be prepared for your visit when you arrive the same day.

When you’re looking for a shop that sells incredible cannabis products, end your search with Canna Corner in Becket, MA. You’ll find a variety of locally grown cannabis flowers in our shop alongside other products. 

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